Skin-Care With Thanksgiving Leftovers

After Thanksgiving is over there are usually lots of leftovers. What can you do with these leftovers besides eat them? Here are some fun and legitimate ideas from a chemist and skin management expert, Elina Fedotova.

Mashed Potato Mask




2 Tablespoons warm mashed potatoes 1 Teaspoon organic sour cream 1/2 Teaspoon organic lemon juice


Mix all three ingredients together and apply to skin for 5-10 minutes to soften and purify the skin. Rinse the mask off and gently pat dry skin dry with warm wash cloth.

Benefits: This mask especially is good for dry, sun damaged complexions. Potatoes are a great source of potassium, Vitamin C, calcium and copper — all essential nutrients that help build skin collagen. The lactic acid in the sour cream and alpha hydroxy acids in the lemon juice will help to gently exfoliate, brighten and moisturize your skin.

Cranberry Lip Treatment



Raw organic cranberries


Simply cut a raw cranberry in half with a knife. Massage the juicy part of the berry on your lips. Pat lips dry with a tissue or warm wash cloth.

Benefits: The powerful antioxidants in the cranberry will refresh your lips and add an all­natural red color.

Boiled Carrot and Yogurt Mask




1 carrot 2 tablespoons organic yogurt 1 teaspoon organic honey


Boil the carrot and put in a blender or food processor with the organic yogurt and honey. Warm the mask up and apply to the skin for 5-10 minutes.

Benefits: This mask will benefit all skin types and improve both the tone and texture of your complexion. The beta carotene and Vitamin A in the carrot are key nutrients for healthy looking skin.

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria (probiotics) and lactic acid which helps to balance and moisturize the skin. Honey is a known anti­inflammatory, skin healing remedy.


Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliating is very important during the winter. Your skin can get beat to pieces being exposed to snow, cold, hot showers, dry air, sun, etc. Take care of it and remove the dead, dry skin so it can revitalize and make your moisturizers and other skin products more effective. We obviously recommend our Personal Microderm device. 🙂


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