Not Just a Treatment,
Your Treatment.

From ultra sensitive to very intense, the Personal Microderm allows you to customize your treatment for your unique skin. Disc color correlates to intensity or abrasiveness.
Always begin with the white ultra sensitive disc. Each disc can be used 3-4 times. If your skin responds well, move up to the next level for a more intense treatment.

Customized For You

Replacement Disc Comparison Guide

Why Aluminum Oxide?

Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring element that is extremely hard, second only to diamond. Embedded aluminum Oxide crystals are non-airborne, hypoallergenic and antibacterial which helps prevent any adverse reactions and reduce spreading of bacteria which may cause irritations.

Patented Spinning Disc Technology

Personal Microderm uses a patented spinning disc technology to deliver revolutionary microdermabrasion treatments and unmatched, brilliant results. The patented disc spins as it glides across the skin providing brilliant results with each treatment.

Not Just For Your Face

Personal Microderm delivers the same brilliant results on your neck, chest, arms, legs, hands and feet! The large body discs easily cover a greater surface area to more quickly treat the body. Smooth, soften and brighten your skin from head to toe.

Replaceable Discs For Consistent Results

These disposable discs deliver convenient and continuous high-quality results, making it easy to consistently uncover beautiful skin. Be sure to replace discs after 3-4 treatments to reveal a fresh glow.

How To Replace Discs:
To replace, firmly grasp disc and pull straight up to slide off of post. Insert new disc and push directly down until bottom of the disc is flush with filter.