PMD Clean Body - For Men



PMD Clean Body - For Men

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  • CheckmarkDeeper cleansing of the skin
  • CheckmarkReduced breakouts caused by sweat or debris that accumulates throughout the day
  • CheckmarkLift, firm & tone the skin
  • CheckmarkSofter, smoother skin
  • CheckmarkReduced number of ingrown hairs
Man Using PMD Clean BodyMan Using PMD Clean Body

Body Care Options


Bye-bye bacteria! Gently exfoliate with silverscrub™, the anti-bacterial and silver-infused loofah that cleanses the skin without spreading or harboring bacteria.

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Best Features

360 View. Click and drag to rotate.

Ergonomic Design

100% Waterproof

Rechargeable Battery

Magnetic Attachments

(Replaceable & Interchangeable)

Ultra Hygienic Silicone

SonicGlow™ Technology

Replaceable Magnetic Attachments

Swap out interchangeable attachments for additional body care options.

Clean Body with different attachmentsClean Body with different attachments

SonicGlow™ Technology

Breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute while operating at a perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin. With four customizable modes and a brush optimized for all skin types you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

PMD Clean BodyPMD Clean Body

Caution and Warnings

Use only as directed. Not following instructions may lead to rash, redness, itching or even injury. If this occurs, discontinue use and consult a medical professional. Product is intended for external use only. Avoid sensitive areas, including any area with broken, irritated, or itching skin. Keep product out of reach of children. PMD is not responsible for malfunction or injury if the product is not used as intended.Not intended for clinical or commercial use. The effects of the PMD Clean are not always immediately visible and results may vary. If you have any questions regarding application, please reach out to our experts at 888-445-4532.