Coconut oil with coconut and rice on table

5 Overnight Coconut Oil Hacks


Lately, it’s seemed like coconut oil has gained the reputation of being the cure-all to life’s problems. Although, that isn’t true, the natural and popular oil is the main ingredient for these 5 overnight coconut oil hacks that will help with anything from dry hair to mouth cankers!

1: Dry Hair

What To Do: Massage a quarter-sized dollop of coconut oil into hair and scalp, shampoo the next morning, and let your hair shine brighter than your favorite lip-gloss!

2: Cracked Heels

cracked heels

What To Do: Prep your skin by removing the top layer of dead-skin cells on your heels with a Personal Microderm and the body disc and cap, liberally apply coconut oil over feet, put on a pair of socks overnight and wake up to beautifully smooth heels!

3: Mouth Cankers

mouth cankers coconut oil cure

What To Do: Apply a pinch of pure coconut oil onto mouth canker, after brushing, and let it work overnight!

4: Acne

acne coconut oil cure

What To Do: Add a couple of drops of teatree oil to a dollop of coconut oil, mix, and use as an overnight spot treatment!

5: Healthy Gums

What To Do: After brushing, gently massage coconut oil into gums, and rinse the next morning.


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