Beauty LaunchPad featuring the PMD Personal Microderm

Beauty LaunchPad Features the PMD Personal Microderm

Blackheads really are pesky and they always seem to return no matter how many times you wash and cake your face with product.  PMD Personal Microderm really does “…boost complexions beautifully.”  It takes off the old, dead skin and allows your body to grow new, fresh skin.  It’s not until you remove the dead skin that your products can finally penetrate deep into your pours and finally start working.  If you are not seeing improvements with your skin it is probably time to up the game and purchase a Personal Microderm.

Did you also know PMD has another device called the PMD Personal Microderm Pro?  It has 2 different speeds allowing you to control the speed of the device, depending on the area you are working on.  It also has updated caps making the treatment that much smoother as the aluminum oxide crystal disc glides across your face.  If I may, I would suggest buying the Pink Personal Microderm Pro.  It is our most popular color and the PMD Pro will not disappoint.

Beauty LaunchPad Features the PMD

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