Shape Magazine

“Holy Grail Skin-Care Tool“

Shape Magazine wrote an article on the Personal Microderm Pro titled “Shoppers Love This Skin-Care Tool That Reduces Dark Spots, Fine Lines, and Pore Size…”

Built with Patented Spinning Disc Technology and Vacuum Suction, the Personal Microderm Pro brings spa-quality microdermabrasion into the comfort of your own home. Shape Magazine interviewed Dr. Joshua Zeichner who explained the science behind microdermabrasion as: “it involves the use of a rough applicator that touches the skin along with a suction component to remove the loosened skin cells”. When these dead, dull skin cells are removed week after week, a fresh new layer is revealed. This reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, blemishes, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, evens skin tone and texture, and even boosts collagen and elastin production for anti-aging results. 

Shape Magazine noted the popularity of the Personal Microderm Pro’s revolutionary technology, “not only is the PMD Personal Microderm Pro derm-approved, but Ulta shoppers are also obsessed with this skin-care device, touting it for magically zapping blemishes and wrinkles, creating more even tone and texture, and allowing for their beauty products to better penetrate the skin” 

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