How To Wake Up Pretty: 6 Tips For Speeding Up Your Morning Routine

How To Wake Up Beautiful

Mornings seem to be a time of rushing around trying to fit everything in and the last thing you want to skip is a beauty routine. There are ways to make things easier on yourself. Try these 6 tips the night before and it will make any morning go smoother. You can wake up beautiful!

1. Straighten Hair The Night Before


If you are going for straight hair the next morning, straighten your hair before you go to bed. It will cut the time it takes in morning by over half to refresh a straight hair look.

2. Add Volume To Your Hair


If you are going for more volume in your hair pile your hair in a high bun on top of your head to. This way, your hair won’t get in the way but in the morning you will have some controlled volume to work with.

3. Wake Up With Glowing Skin

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To wake up with a tan before hitting the streets, exfoliate your skin, moisturize, apply some false tan and then wait a few hours. Right before bed, wash it off and go to bed fresh as a daisy. You’ll wake up with a sun-kissed glow. See our PMD device here.

4. Prevent Frizzyness


Use Satin Pillow cases. They cut down on the friction against your hair and prevent frizzy fly-aways.

5. Use Body Butter


Slather on some body butter before you drift off into dreamland to wake up feeling smooth and smelling good. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as elbows and knees.

6. Shave Legs The Night Before


Shave your legs the night before. Not only will this give any red marks time to fade but it will also soak in your nightly moisturizer better leaving you with soft smooth morning legs.

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