Glitter Guide

“It’s a Beauty Staple” PMD Clean Pro RQ in The Glitter Guide:

The Glitter Guide listed the PMD Clean Pro RQ as one of their “Beauty and Wellness Products We Can’t Stop Using”! Wendy Vazquez, of The Glitter Guide, noted that the PMD Clean Pro RQ works for all aspects of her skincare ritual. She uses it for both cleansing and moisturizing, and because of it’s waterproof properties can use it in the shower!

“I’ve never felt like I could possibly have an at-home spa experience until I got this device”, said Wendy. With ActiveWarmth Technology in conjunction with the Rose Quartz stone- the PMD Clean Pro RQ brings luxury, elegance, and effectiveness into your home! Wendy has also been able to bring the PMD Clean Pro RQ with her on all of her travels and never has to leave her skincare routine behind!

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