ET: Entertainment Tonight

"Level Up Your Skincare Routine in 2021"

The PMD Clean was listed by Entertainment Tonight as the first way to enhance your skincare routine in 2021! The PMD Clean features SonicGlow™ Technology that vibrates at 7,000 times per minute to break down dirt and debris from deep within the pores.

Entertainment Tonight said of the PMD Clean's Technology "Your face will feel extra clean with an electric facial cleanser"! Not only will skin feel cleaner, but the PMD Clean's SonicGlow™ Technology will also reduce oil congestion, prevent breakouts, and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads.

As if the PMD Clean's cleansing power wasn't enough, Entertainment Tonight praised the extra benefits of the PMD Clean: "You can use the back of the brush to massage your go-to skincare products into the skin."

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