Woman holding PMD Clean Pro RQ

PMD Clean: Get Your BEST Skin Today with SonicGlow Technology

Take a look at our new PMD Clean launch video that showcases the amazing technology that makes the PMD Clean the worlds BEST facial cleansing device. The PMD Clean’s SonicGlow Technology breaks down the dirt and debris from deep within your pores, while lifting, firming, and toning the skin! While other devices use nylon bristles that harbor bacteria and spread it on your skin, the PMD Clean is antibacterial; this gives your skin a true cleanse! The PMD Clean’s silicone is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, waterproof, and extremely gentle- which makes it great for ALL skin types. There are 4 customizable modes on the PMD Clean, 2 for facial cleansing and 2 for an anti-aging facial massage. The PMD Clean is designed to work for men and women of all ages, skin tones&textures, and skin types!

Watch the full video to see how the PMD Clean will change YOUR skin!

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