PMD Personal Microderm Reviewed by Joyus

PMD Personal Microderm Reviewed by Joyus

Joyus is the go-to expert for everything and anything beauty. Your new favorite jeans. Your new favorite lipstick. Your new favorite moisturizer. Their experts seek out (and test out!) the most flattering, effective and exciting products.

So, we are excited that Joyus has added the PMD Personal Microderm to their list of favorites! Their video review of the Personal Microderm even found it’s way on to People Magazine:

“It used to be that, if you wanted to get microdermabrasion (the treatment that uses very fine grains to buff away the top layer of skin, leaving your complexion smoother and more flawless), you had to go to a dermatologist’s office and pay a lot without the help of insurance. And hey, it was worth it, especially since it’s one of the few non-surgical ways to get more youthful skin. But now, with the advent of at-home microdermabrasion tools, you can reap all the benefits without having to drop serious cash. We tested out a whole bunch of the tools and this is our favorite.”

So if you’re looking for the best microdermabrasion tool with the Joyus seal of approval, consider your search over!

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