Top 8 Super Foods For Gorgeous Skin

Super Foods for Skin

We’re all looking for extra ways to keep our skincare game on point but turns out that one of the easiest ways to get that extra boost won’t be found in a bottle of product! The next step in your gorgeous skin regime? Adding some of these super foods into your diet!


Kale might be getting all the buzz right now but when it comes to anti-aging vitamins, Spinach holds a triple threat with vitamins C, E and beta-carotene that all help keep skin radiant and youthful!


When compared to 40 other fruits and veggies, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ranked the blueberry number one in antioxidant activity which is just fancy talk for number one natural anti-ager!


Almonds are packing a mean vitamin E punch! Vitamin E works as a potent sun blocker and studies have shown that eating up to 20 almonds a day can help block those skin damaging UV rays!


This fuzzy little fruit is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants to keep skin firm and help prevent wrinkles.


According to research from the University of Western Australia, vitamins E and D help keep inflammation at bay. In addition to moisturizing fatty acids, avocados are booming in vitamins E and D which means these tasty guys will keep your skin feeling moisturized and firm!


This jewel-like fruit is loaded with antioxidants and cholesterol lowering compounds that can help fight the breakdown of collagen!


Tomatoes are rich in the little known anti-aging antioxidant, lycopene!


Need an extra reason to go pumpkin crazy this Fall? Pumpkins are loaded in omega-3s, disease preventing carotenoids, and vitamin E! Don’t let any part of the pumpkin go to waste, though, pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc, an enzyme crucial in the production of collagen.

Now it’s time to get to the grocery store and stock up on these super foods that will add that extra boost to your skincare products! Don’t forget to add PMD into your beauty routine, though, as it will help your go-to skincare favorites penetrate 20x deeper!

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