“The Newest ‘It’ Device” for Clarisonic Users

With Clarisonic’s announcement stating they are officially closing doors, fans are questioning what cleansing device to make the switch to. Luckily, is letting them know the PMD Clean is the “facial cleansing device you should try instead” did their research, finding reviews of old Clarisonic users that say the PMD Clean is “an upgrade” to their old brushes because the soft silicone bristles don’t over exfoliate or tear the skin. Rather, the PMD Clean’s ultra-hygienic silicone is gentle on the skin, and since it’s ultra-hygienic and antibacterial- it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin types. 

Not only is the PMD Clean more hygienic and gentle on the skin, the PMD Clean never needs a replacement head or brush. The PMD Clean “isn’t just for taking off makeup” and cleansing your pores. The PMD Clean also massages in your favorite skincare products, and “can be used to treat puffiness and aging concerns.”

“Unlike the Clarisonic, you can safely use the cleansing brush every day—and after regular use, it pays off. Reviewers reported less blackheads, extra soft skin, a glowing complexion, and fewer breakouts over time.”

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