The Personal Microderm in Glamour: Why Microdermabrasion Could Be the Answer To Your Skin Problems

Glamour brought in skincare experts Dr. Ross Perry and Kate Whiting to share their knowledge on microdermabrasion. As “one of the best solutions for troublesome skin” microdermabrasion has become an extremely popular treatment for a variety of skincare problems.

While microdermabrasion at a dermatologist or esthetician can be quite pricey, at-home microdermabrasion has become an amazing option for anyone looking to get their best, glowing skin. For that, the experts suggest the Personal Microderm from PMD Beauty- noting that it’s a favorite for microdermabrasion fans!

The skincare experts from Glamour noted that microdermabrasion “works really well for congested skin, anyone suffering from hard-to-tackle blackheads and clogged pores”. Not only that, but it aids in “softening fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing superficial scarring and generally revealing glowy new skin”.

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