The Personal Microderm Pro on Buzzfeed as a “Game Changing Beauty Product”

Buzzfeed is right, the Personal Microderm Pro is absolutely a game changer! After about a month of weekly use, Buzzfeed editor Elena Garcia excitedly noted her amazing results. “I see a bigger difference in my skin than what I’ve noticed with any other cream, machine, medicine…anything! I’m gonna keep it up and I’m basically convinced that by Christmas I’ll look like porcelain doll!”.

Elena Garcia shared her skincare woes she hoped to fade with the Personal Microderm Pro. The skincare concerns she had included enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and the overall texture of her skin. Elena also highlighted the affordability of the Personal Microderm Pro in comparison to the price of dermatologist or esthetician treatments.

While speaking about the changes the Personal Microderm Pro brings to your skin, Buzzfeed also highlighted the technology that makes the “#nofilter skin” possible. A spinning disc embedded with aluminum oxide discs to exfoliate away the top layer of dead, dull skin while a perfectly calibrated vacuum suctions your skin which increases collagen production, brings forth blood flow, and triggers the skin’s natural healing process.

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